C-Systems feat. Lira Yin – In Another Life [lyrics]

I was just pretending to understand
when you said you had to leave.
but I haven’t stopped remembering
when we both still believed–

and you would say that this was all so natural
so one by one, I lowered my defenses, sensing
maybe I could call you home
maybe I wasn’t really so alone

but you’re falling through my fingers…
every echo of you lingers…

but I will still see you on the other side of this divide
maybe you will find your healing in another life
maybe I can learn to trust you again in another life
maybe I can learn to love you
in another life

Lira Yin – Fading Echoes [lyrics & Andrew Rayel mix]

in this waking dawn
I felt the edges of a dream
slipping past my feeble fingers, tantalizing me;
I cannot remember who you were or how it seemed–
I have not forgotten how it felt to be complete.

so I tried to catch the fragments
but there’s no trying anymore
it was such a fleeting moment
but I touched you once before

so bring me to the surface of my mind
I am drowning in the sands of time
lost among illusions in my eyes–
when reality and dreams collide
only then will I decide
to chase their fading echoes to the skies

maybe they will carry me on through
maybe they will carry me to you


(c) Lira Yin. originally written August 2010.

“Fading Echoes” with Andrew Rayel on “Find Your Harmony” [Armada Music]

It’s been a journey almost 3 years long, but Andrew Rayel’s album is now available for pre-order¬†on Armada Music and features a special album mix of our collaboration “Fading Echoes,” which can be heard at 7:43 in this album minimix.

To listen to the vocal mix, go here.

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Christian Zechner & Lira Yin – Starclad [lyrics]

you appeared to me
like solace in the void
a voice within the outcry;

hope returned to me, unlooked for,
melting into being
wearing nothing but the light of stars–
dancing through our eyes
weaving through our lives

witness from afar
how the world alights
when all becomes all right.

we have come to be
the mirrors of our fate
an open-ended question

but we appear to be the answer
echoes of a vision,
days of splendor lost beyond our time:
memories of gold
legacies untold…

everything sublime
palaces of old
forgotten til we chase away the cold

like sunlight through waving trees in winter
like words you can only think alone but never whisper


(c) Lira Yin, written September 13-17, 2011

Lira Yin & Antares 101 – Android Boneyard

young, we once possessed the confidence only fools can know.
did it show? now we know
every untraced road ends;
everything draws to a close and comes to this.

let the phantoms flicker past,
their virtues fading fast.
now we know
now we know
nothing as it seems;
echoes in our dreams…
now we know
now we know.

watch the world in her broken beauty whirlwind by…


(c) Lira Yin. originally written April 7, 2012.

Lira Yin & Dude Unit – Random-Access Memory (RAM)

the records in my mind,
neatly organized,
let me know
that you were once a trigger to my soul.
you could make me whole;
I sent unwritten letters to you
every time I so much as
let you cross my waking mind.

when I reach
farther back in time
trying hard to find
what I knew:
that I was capable of so much love–
’cause I can’t feel it now;
I come up empty-handed and I’m
stranded on the shores of my own mind.

I can’t remember…
I don’t remember…

you’re like a ghost to me;
I think of you
the way I know the earth goes round the sun,
but nothing more.
not the way I knew before;
how the thought of you once cut me to my very core.


(c) Lira Yin, written May 9, 2012