Oct 10

Release with Mike Pace & The Child Actors!

Listen to “The Flood” here.

Jul 04

C-Systems feat. Lira Yin – “In Another Life” out now!

“In Another Life,” a progressive song I wrote with C-Systems some time ago, is out on the “Shooting Stars” EP via Blue Soho Recordings — exclusively for Beatport on June 30, and on all outlets July 14.

Lyrics can be found here.

May 30

Fading Echoes lyrics / Andrew Rayel – “Find Your Harmony” out now!

Andrew Rayel’s album “Find Your Harmony” is out today, featuring the album mix of my song “Fading Echoes.”

By popular demand, the lyrics have been posted here on the website, along with special early demo cuts of the vocal mixes.

Thanks for all the support over the years!

Fading Echoes [Lyrics]

May 15

“Fading Echoes” with Andrew Rayel on “Find Your Harmony” [Armada Music]

It’s been a journey almost 3 years long, but Andrew Rayel’s album is now available for pre-order¬†on Armada Music and features a special album mix of our collaboration “Fading Echoes,” which can be heard at 7:43 in this album minimix.

To listen to the vocal mix, go here.

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Nov 08

Lyrics updated!

The site has been updated with all lyrics from the “Optic Echoes” album and the “Starclad” single.

Go take a listen and a look now!

Dec 12

“Optic Echoes” album out 12/12/12!

We may never again see a repeating date like 12/12/12 in our lifetimes, so it’s fitting to mark this day with the release of “Optic Echoes,” the culmination of over a year’s hard work by Christian Zechner with contributions from myself. This independent album on Christian’s own Infravibe Recordings runs the gamut from breaks to downtempo, ambient, and video-game reminiscent dubstep-influenced experimental electronic music.

We drew inspiration from sci-fi, dystopian stories and ideas, Lord of the Rings…pretty much anything our crazy brains could come up with– and it is my deepest wish that our music will resonate with you.

Tracklist previews here!

My vocals & writing can be heard on five tracks: “Starchild,” “Starclad,” “Android Boneyard,” “RAM,” and “Maybe You’d Be Kind.”

Available for purchase on:



Aug 20

“Starclad” exclusively out on Beatport right now!

With radio airplay from the likes of Bobina and Pedro del Mar, “Starclad” hits Beatport exclusively today! Go check it out here!

Jul 30

New single announcement! “Starclad” on Unearthed Records!

I’m so proud to announce my next single, with close collaborator Christian Zechner; we wrote this track from the ground up last year and it’ll be released, almost a year to the day, on September 3rd 2012. Unearthed Red, a sublabel of Unearthed Records devoted to established and long-time collaborators, is the home of our production.

Renowned act C-Systems are on remix duties, giving us an intro mix and a full club mix as well.

Previews can be heard here:

Starclad (Original Mix)

Starclad (C-Systems Intro Mix)

Starclad (C-Systems Club Mix)

Jun 28

“Constant Call” now out exclusively on Beatport!

“Constant Call” has just made its first major distributor debut with an exclusive Beatport release, before a full release on July 9th– grab it now!

Radio/DJ Support:

Andy Moor, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Matt Darey, Raz Nitzan, A.M.R., Andre Visior, Andrea Mazza, AV&EE, Blugazer, Colonial One, Cordonnier, Cygnet, Dash Berlin, Dj Shy, Emanuele Rizzuto , First Effect, GP1, JPL, Karanda, Manuel Le Saux, MIKE / Push, Mike Danis, Neura, Peter Lesko, Rich Smith, Stack, Suncatcher, Suzy Solar, tyDi, DJ Feel, James Brooke, Anhken, Danilo Ercole, Flash Brothers

Jun 24

“Constant Call” [Alter Ego Records] now on promo!

I’m proud to announce my first single of 2012 in partnership with brilliant prog trance veteran Anhken, featuring remixes by Luca Lombardi and Airsoul.

Release date is planned for July 9, 2012 on Beatport, iTunes, Trackitdown, Audiojelly, and all other major online music retailers.

“Constant Call” was written in September of 2011 during a bout of extremely frustrated introspection, and Anhken provided the instrumental that coaxed my words into life. I hope the call reaches you, too.

Lira Yin – Constant Call (Anhken Club Mix)

Lira Yin – Constant Call (Luca Lombardi Remix)

Lira Yin – Constant Call (Airsoul Remix)